Cultivation Nation Triathlon Courses (more updates coming soon)



Race directors reserve the right to change the course at any time for the safety of our participants.


Swim Course: point to point 600 yard swim in Flint Creek Reservoir. Mostly flat swim, no boat traffic, no standing/walking. 


Bike Course: 17 miles from transition through the park to Hwy 29 to countryside OUT AND BACK (new in 2017). Moderately hilly. Couple of good climbs. From Flint Creek, turn left on Hwy 29, turn right on Oil Well, turn right to stay on Oil Well until Big Four Road. This intersection will be your turn around. Head back up Oil Well, turn back left on Hwy 29 and turn right into Flint Creek.


Run Course: challenging 3.1 miles from transition to mostly hard packed trail out and back

(picture not exact since the course goes off road)